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DISPATCHES Fall 2013 Conference Edition

Attached is the Fall 2013 Conference Edition of DISPATCHES. Editor Pat Avery and Designer Joyce Faulkner have done a great job, once again. As the issue doubles as the Conference program, here's an opportunity for attendees to get an advance look at what they can expect. I hope the upload works. Will also post on Facebook.





Dispatches - Summer 2013

We're proud to announce the Summer 2013 issue of DISPATCHES. It contains the latest information about our 2013 conference at Dayton as well as numerous interesting articles from our members.

My apologies for the delay in getting you this issue.



Dwight Jon Zimmerman


Military Writers Society of America




The Value of the MWSA Website

MWSA Website and Marketing

Facebook posts do not show up in Google or Bing. If you really want to market yourself and your books, use the MWSA website.

While the MWSA website provides a lot of membership information, including Dispatches issues and content, we understand that many of you want to sell books and promote your appearances