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USS Wasp's (LHD-1) Michael Noeth

Navy Draftsman Second Class Michael Noeth is my friend. Like other great people, he’ll somewhere cringe at my high thoughts and words of him. Most of us come across truth as it appears before us like a highway car accident. We’d like to know the realities but shield our squinting eyes so we can close them faster if the horrors are overwhelming.


Wishing for Rain

so many words left unsaid,
like raindrops falling from the sky,
to numerous to count

so much time we had
we could talk whenever we wished

tonight there is no rain and I find myself
wishing you were holding me

I spoke a thousand words to you today
and wondered if you heard them
or were they like un-danced songs

if I screamed I love you…..would it rain again
would I hear your words
or feel only your tears as
they fell from the sky mixing with mine