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Faith, Leadership, and Heroism in the Jungle

Colonel Don Price has written an excellent account of some little known heroic events of the Vietnam War. "The First Marine Captured in Vietnam-The Biography of Donald G. Cook," is first what the title states and much, much more. Price blends big picture history with the details of Cook’s life from his birth until he was captured in Vietnam.

Revisionist history of the Vietnam War.

In writing my memoir, I began to research the history of the Vietnam War. I remembered the low state of morale in the unit I was assigned to because I had transferred from a unit of extremely high morale in Germany and at the time I didn't understand how two units in the same army could be so different. I was most interested in a battle that took place just before I arrived in country, the battle of August 25th at Bong Trang. The company commander of my new unit had been KIA in that battle along with four other men and about half the company had been wounded.