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An Excerpt from 'Trinity Icon'

I'm in the midst of gathering more 'likes' on my military fiction Facebook page. You can find it here:

I recently posted a passage from my third novel, 'Trinity Icon', which is nearing completion. The excerpt generated a lot of interest, and is part of a campaign to get the word out about The Michael Neill Adventures, a series of military/espionage novels. Here's the link, which appears on my page:

Memories of Bagram

At this time of year, my thoughts always return to Afghanistan. I was deployed to Bagram in 2010, which, at the time, was the busiest DoD air base in the world. To the southwest, my son was plying his trade as a Marine scout/sniper in the Musa Q'aleh region. I won't go into detail, but his skills were gainfully employed in that part of the country--very gainfully employed.  The night we left Bagram stands out in my mind; January 13th, one day after my birthday. To think I would have celebrated my fiftieth in Afghanistan would never have occurred to me.

'Red Sky at Morning' Now Available as an Audio Book

Yesterday I heard from Jack De Golia, the character actor who recorded 'Red Sky at Morning'. I'm pleased to announce that the audio version of the book is now available from Audible. Here's the link: Jack did a great job as the 'voice' for my first novel.

'Red Sky at Morning' reviewed by Author Kathleen Foley

A few days ago, I heard from Kathleen Foley, wife of a Marine Corps hard-charger--and an exceptional author in her own right. Katie had just finished reading 'Red Sky at Morning', and wrote to let me know that she had posted a review on her website.Katie is the author of 'Dog Tags', and also 'The Target', two books in The Faith in Uniform Series, and both are enjoying critical acclaim and enthusiasm from her readers.