Lead Reviewer's Notes 2 & 3

2012 Award Year has Closed 

The 2012 MWSA Awards: Closed on July 15, 2012. All books not reviewed in time will simply be placed in the running for 2013. Remember: Do NOT submit books for review if they haven't been published. The same goes for next year.

The 2013 Awards: There are two major changes. (1) Entering your book into the awards process will require at $25 fee.  the fee covers your entry, you will still be required to be an active member to be considerd for an award. We will still review your book as usual it is just the awards contest that is changing; (2) Also changed is the system for submitting a book for review and/or award. You will find the form on our website -- fill it out completely; leaving items blank will delay acceptance of entries due to emailed forms having to be returned for completion.

Review Request Form

The new form is in place, access to it is located on the right side of the website. To submit a book the form must be filled out completely. Your MWSA ID number is a must, if you do not know ir contact the membrship secretary for it (purpledoodle@att.net).

Let's Talk Emails, Questions, Questions (sigh!)

If you change your mailing address and/or email address it is your responsibility to update your information through our Membership Secretary, Terry Gould purpledoodle@att.net Not doing this can cause lots of problems.

Questions: I am still receiving emails asking, "Do you have my request for a review?" Check our website; click on the top right menu's  "Book Reviews." There's a drop-down, "Reviews Pending." All books assigned or waiting to be assigned are listed there. If you sent a request for a review and have not seen it appear yet on “Reviews Pending,” give it five days before emailing me to check. As for emailed, "When will my book be assigned?" and "When will my review be completed?" I cannot answer these questions as  there is no way to tell.

Volunteers Step Up to the Plate

Welcome and “Thank You” to three new reviewers. Your stepping up to help is greatly appreciated Steven Maffeo, Barbara Peacock and Lynn Salsi. 

Ten-Day Notification Requirement: As a reviewer you have an obligation to notify me and let me know when you have received an assigned book or if ten days pass and you have not. We are wasting far too much time in the process as a result of the failure to comply with this needed notification.

We are as of today, requiring reviews to be completed in no more than 90 days. Completed means the review is posted or in my hands along with the score sheet. Reviews are not complete without one or the other.

Conference Auction Donations: The annual auction is one of several fun events. Please get donations to me now. If you are not sure what is accepted (almost anything), contact me via email .LeansToFar@aol.com.

Conference Application

If you cannot locate the Conference Application email me (LeansToFar@aol.com) and I will send you a copy. If you are paying by check mail to; MWSA, P.O. Box 264, Bridgeville, PA 15017. If yo uwish to use a credit card let me know and I will send a paypal invoice (I need the total first).

If you will be placing books on the book table provide the titles and selling prices for each.