History and Vision

MWSA Website Relaunch, 2011

The current Military Writers Society of America website was designed during the final months of 2011. It was the dream of Joyce Faulkner, MWSA President, to create an interactive website to replace the "static" website the MWSA was using. The static site was good, and the webmaster managed to post new book reviews and other content as quickly as possible, especially when you realize one person was managing the site!

Joyce's vision was to allow "contributors" and "reviewers" direct access to the website. New articles and book reviews are submitted online for review by a team of editors and senior editors. Once approved, an article is available within days or even hours. Plus, a dozen or more writers can be working simultaneously on different part of the website. Instead of one very frazzled webmaster, the MWSA website allows everyone interested to help share in the work and the results.