2004 MWSA Awards

2004 MWSA Awards

Special Recognition Awards:

PTSD - Special Healing Award: Enemy Within - by Gregory A. Helle

Gold Medal Awards

Gold Medal Awards Given to books that are superior examples of their genres.

Poetry: Ghost of the Nam - by Charlie Fortner

Photography Book: Voices of Vietnam - by Charlene Edwards

Military History: America Won The War - by Robert R. Owens

Short Stories: A Saigon Party and Other Vietnam War Short Stories - by Diane J. Dell

War Anthologies: Angels in Vietnam: The Women Who Served - by Jan Hornung

War Novel: What Am I Doing Here? - by Jim Kesey

War Novel: Permission To Kill - by Brian Wizard

Personal Memoirs: River of Memories - An Appalachian Boyhood - by David Lee Thompson

War Memoirs: Love and Duty - by Ben and Ann Purcell

Military Unit History: Dustoff - by Steve Vermillion

Silver Medal Awards

Silver Medal Awards Given to books that are excellent examples of their genres.

Poetry: A Walk In Hell - by Gregory A. Helle

Military History: The Last Hookers - by Carle E. Dunn

Short Stories: Never Trust A Man In Curlers - by Tony Lazzarini

War Novel: Red Bird Down - by Bruce E. Carlson

Personal Memoirs: Grief Denied - by Pauline Laurant

War Memoirs: I Served - by Don C. Hall and Annette R. Hall

Military Unit History: Outlaws in Vietnam - by David L. Eastman

Distinguished Honor Awards (*Changed to the Bronze Medal)

Distinguished Honor Awards Given to books that are distinguished examples of their genres.

The Cave - by Sam McGowan

Rattler One-Seven - by Chuck Gross

Stealth Patrol - by Bill Shanahan & John P. Brackin

Highest Traditions - by Tony Lazzirini

A Buffalo's Revenge - by Bob Lupo

Born in Brooklyn ...Raised in the CAV! - by John Flanagan

C. M. A. C. - A Vietnam era Trilogy - by James J. Finnegan

Conduct to the Prejudice of Good Order - by Dan Dane

The Two-Dollar Bill - by Roger H. Soiset

Black Water - by Neil Millar