2013 MWSA Awards

2013 MWSA Award Winners

Author of the Year - Bob Doerr

President's Award  - Maria Edwards

Founder's Award    - Death in the Baltic by Cathryn Prince


HistoricaL Fiction 

Gold Medal - Chosin File by Dale Dye

                         Dog Solidier Moon by Mike McKendree LongIII

                         Wedded to War by Jocelyn Green

Silver Medal - Solo Vietnam by Jeanette Vaughan

                          For God and Country by Mark Bowlin

                          Tullykillane, 1943 by David Andrew Westwood

                          Pass in Review Honor by Brain Utermahlen

Bronze Medal - The Girl Who Swam to Atlantis by Elle Thornton 

                             Hamfist Down by George Nolly


Gold Medal   -The Renagades by Tom Young

Silver Medal - Tom Clancy Presents: Act of Valor by G. Galdorisi & D. Couch 

Bronze Medal - The Rendition by Albert Ashforth


Gold Medal - The Donors by Jeffrey Wilson


Silver Medal - Navy Rules by Geri Krotow

Literary Fiction  

Gold Medal - Flashes of War by Katey Schultz

Silver Medal - CIB - Combat Infantryman Badge by Wilbur (Bill)Rambow

Bronze Medal - A Quest for Skye by John Rothdiener

Short Story Collection

Gold Medal -Tying Up Water & Other Stories by R. MacKenzie & M. Todd

Silver Medal - My Corps: Short Stories & Reflections by Z. Rackovitch

HistoryGold Medal - George 3-7th Marines by James Nicholson

Silver Medal - The Bad Boy Bert Hall by Blaine Pardoe

                           Blackhorse Riders by Philip Keith


Gold Medal - My Special Force by H.S. Means

Silver Medal - Thirty Days with My Father by Christal Presley

Bronze Medal - Love at First Flight by Captain Stewart Orr & Fran Orr

                             Back to Vietnam: Tours of the Heart by R.B. Logan & E. Heart

                             Sketches of a Black Cat by Ron & Howard Miner


Gold Medal - Still Having Fun by Candace George Thompson

                         Life on a $5 Bet by Linda Swink & Maj. Gen'l E.J. Mechenbier

Silver Medal - My True Course by Suzanne Simon Dietz

Bronze Medal - Silas Soule by Thomas Bensing


Gold Medal - Zarbul Masalha by Edward Zellem


Bronze Medal - Get Rich in a Niche by J.W. Bennett

                            Insider's Guide to Security Clearances by J.W. Bennett 

Creative Non-Fiction

Silver Medal - Letters to Logan by Debra Bastian

Bronze Medal - The Night Sky by Maria Sutton


Silver Medal - Rapscallion Summer by David Michealson


Gold Medal - Stories of Faith & Courage from the Vietnam War

                         by Larkin Spivey

                         Stories of Faith & Courage from the Home Front

                         by Jocelyn Green

Silver Medal - Listen for the Whispers by Kim Kluxen Meredith


Bronze Medal - Code Word: Geronimo by Dale Dye, Julia Dye, & G. Kissell


Gold Medal - Pass The Salt Doc by Mike Mullins & jim greenwald

                         Wishing for Rain by jim greenwald

Silver Medal - Mitakuye Oyasin by jim greenwald

Children Ages 12 and Under

Gold Medal - Haysoos the Honu by Kristin Barnes

Silver Medal - Pickysaurus Mac by Sandra Miller Linhart

Bronze Medal - Spanky a Soldier's Son by Sue LaNeve

                             Lion's Pride: A Tail of Deployment by Grace Anne Remey

Young Adult

Gold Medal - Butterfly Dust by Nubby Grumpins (David Michaelson)

                         Backcountry Fury by Tom Zeiss

Silver Medal - Famous Dogs by Pat McGrath Avery

Bronze Medal - Grand Slam Grooming Dogs Speak Out by Pat McGrath Avery

Audio Book

Silver Medal - USERNAME by Joyce Faulkner, Performed by Mike Mullins