Shadows of Combat: Poetry about the Vietnam Era

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Shadows of Combat, by Richard C. Geschke and Robert A. Toto, is a collection of poems that speak to the evolution of two young men who experience training as officers, the Cold War, and finally the war in Vietnam as not only soldiers, but brothers. 

The book tells about their emotional education at the Berlin Wall and through their time in the jungles of Vietnam, with its horrendous monsoon rains, ever present mosquitoes, bullets, and mines.  People who enjoy poetry and those who love learning about the military experience will enjoy the read.

Reviewed by: Mike Mullins  (2015)

Author's Summary

Authors Robert Toto and Richard Geschke have expanded their horizons of their original book, In Our Duffel Bags, Surviving the Vietnam Era, with a poetic interpretation of life in the army. Tracking their adventures in Germany, Panama and Vietnam, the authors wax the poetic version of what they found in their duffel bags looking deeper into the fast changing times of the Vietnam era. With Shadows of Combat the listener will sense the history of what took place in this crucial time in American history. Notes Length + hour 31 minutes

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Geschke, Richard C.
Toto, Robert A.
Mullins, Mike
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