The Cat Did That?

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The Cat Did That? by David Michaelson is a collection of animal stories, some of them true, some of them mythical, and some of them educational. Containing more than sixty stories, each story ranges in length from two to twenty pages. Each story is introduced by a black and white sketch or photo of its principal character. Many of the stories regale the reader with antics or heroics of animals that the author owned. Some of the stories are more fanciful fiction.

Since most of the stories are short, they would make for great bed-time reading for younger children. Caution should be used since some of the content might be upsetting to very young children.

Reviewed by: Betsy Beard (2015)

Author's Summary

The Cat Did That? Is another children's book written for those that like to read by themselves and those who appreciate having someone read to them. As in my first children's book, Butterfly Dust, this book is about all kinds of animals, not just cats. There are amazing true stories of heroism in the animal kingdom as well as purely fanciful yarns about critters of the imagination, many with odd names and habits--all with a message for young impressionable readers.

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