The Forgotten Boys of Leatherneck Square

“The Forgotten Boys of Leatherneck Square”

There was a location in the Vietnam War; its name was Leatherneck Square,

and many a young boy died in that place, all with much despair.


To die so young, in this faraway place, is just such a shame,

their boyish faces, to many of us, will always remain the same.


Their sacrifice and memories we say, will continue to last and last,

but history will show, like so many before, that their life will fade to the past.


The forgotten boys, who gave their lives, were all in their primes,

knowing full well, that many back home, were accusing them of crimes.


I was a Doc, who treated the Marine, to keep him in the fight,

but the forgotten boys, continued to die, on both my left and right.


I treated so many, as they struggled for breath,

but for countless  boys, there was still only death.


My year was up, and home I came,

mostly intact, but never the same.


Back in the states, still dressed in greens,

I notify the families, of their dead Marines.


As a Marine went over, their families would brag,

praying their boys, would not come home in a flag.


I observed many a mother, drop to their knees,

screaming at their Gods, who had ignored their pleas.


Four years of service, and now I was free,

but the boys were there, and only I could see.


I made a pledge to live life, the best I could,

to honor those boys, that just never would.


What’s a Doc do, but continue to treat,

I joined the paramedics, and served on the street.


I live every day, as if it were my last,

in respect for the boys, who’s lives passed too fast.


Often years later, I would awake with a dread,

wondering if I had done enough, to honor the dead.


Forty years it’s been, and I look back on my life,

spending all those years, with the same loving wife.


Three wonderful daughters, are now fully grown,

with so many delightful children, all of their own.


Forty-five years in the Fire Service, helping my fellow man,

and now my retirement, seems so well in hand.


How many boys, would have loved to be me,

instead of their life, spent under a tree.


Now sitting on my porch, in my rocking chair,

never to forget,

“The Forgotten Boys of Leatherneck Square”.


“Semper Fi”


HM2 “Doc” Larry Miller, Senior Corpsman, USMC, 1966 to 70, and forever