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The Tameri Guide for Writers website is dedicated to writers, editors, instructors, and students. Our website covers the writing, editing, formatting, and marketing of literary and dramatic works. The guide is free, with hundreds of pages of tips for writers.

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Who We Are

We are editors and writers, each with unique strengths. Susan D. Schnelbach is an engineer and technical writer; Christopher Scott Wyatt is an editor and creative writer. Tameri Publications was founded in 1994 by Susan and Scott. This Web site continues be an important tool for us; we will continue to update and expand the content.

C. Scott Wyatt

C. Scott Wyatt is an experienced teacher and freelance writer. He specializes in dramatic writing, short stories, and online collaborative writing. Scott knew he wanted to be a writer when he was in second grade. His interest in creative non-fiction drew him to journalism courses while in high school.

Scott has a doctorate from the Department of Writing Studies at the University of Minnesota. His doctoral work explored teaching writing using technology, focusing on students who have special needs. Scott graduated from the University of Southern California with degrees in English and journalism. He also earned a master’s degree in composition and rhetoric from California State University, Fresno. For more information, see Scott’s résumé.

As an undergraduate, Scott worked for the University of Southern California’s Computing Services. His assignments included writing technical documentation. Technical writing utilizes a different style than other forms of writing; factual accuracy and readability are essential. In addition to writing technical manuals and online help systems, Scott trained university faculty.

Susan Schnelbach

Susan Schnelbach has been a technical writer since 1997. Since beginning her career in technical writing, Susan has worked as a lone technical writer and has been a part of a larger marketing department that includes other technical writers. Software tools range from various versions of Microsoft Word to Adobe's Creative Suite products to XML, structured authoring, and a content management system (CMS).

She has supervised the preparation of operational and maintenance manuals for packaging machines, irrigation products, and specialized sensors. At her current job, Susan writes about wireless industrial I/O products. Typical writing projects include end-user documentation such as data sheets and manuals, magazine articles, application notes, technical notes, and marketing content that can be used in both printed materials and online. Her manuals are in use at companies world-wide and are known for their clarity and accuracy.

As freelance editor, Susan has edited novels, screenplays, stage scripts, technical documentation, and even poetry. She has also proofread patent applications.

Susan master's degree in scientific and technical communication (MSTC) from the University of Minnesota. Susan also has a grant writing certificate from California State University, Fresno. She earned undergraduate degrees in aeronautical engineering and mechanical engineering from the University of California, Davis.