Membership FAQ

Who can join MWSA?

Membership in MWSA is generally reserved for active duty military, retirees, or military veterans and their families. We also offer memberships to non-military personnel whose work includes military themes. While most members are authors, some are poets, performers and artists with the same military focus.

You can use a business/group name when registering provided you also provide a persons name as contact as well.

What are the benefits of membership?

MWSA membership allows you to...

  • list your book/movie/etc. on our website
  • receive a review from a MWSA reviewer, and if you wish enter your book into our annual awards contest (there is a $25.00 fee to enter)
  • earn buckaroos for dues, conference fees, submissions to monthly magazine-Dispatches, and volunteering which can be used at annual buckaroo auction (See more about buckaroos at About Us.)
  • have access to MWSA seminars, information, resources, and discounts 
  • opportunity to submit artwork, photography, essays, short fiction, novel exerpts, etc to annual MWSA Anthology
  • Schedule of group and individual member events posted on web site.
  • personal blog and participation in forums on a variety of topics
  • participation in annual conference,
  • fellowship with other members,
  • receive email updates
  • MWSA Writing Academy (Coming Soon!)
  • Much, much more... 

How do I join?

  • sign up online
  • send in a form via "snail mail"

How do I renew my membership?

  • sign up online
  • send in a form via "snail mail"

What are the options and cost for different terms/length of membership?

MWSA offers discounted dues payments for longer membership terms. You now have three choices for the term/length of you MWSA membership:

  • One year membership   - $40
  • Two-year membership   - $65
  • Three-year membership - $90

Can I suggest that someone else join MWSA?

Yes, and we'd love to expand our membership. If you have someone in mind, please use our membership referral form under Contact Us to suggest a friend or colleague.

How can I find out when my membership expires?

Membership information is now available online. Log in as a member. Go to "My Account" at the top right of the webpage. Your membership status and date of expiry of your dues will be listed. 

Can I sign up to receive updates on MWSA news and events?

Yes. As a dues-paying MWSA member, you can sign up to receive regular email updates with the latest information on MWSA News, and the calendar of events. Plus, our updates appear online. As a member, sign up to receive our "newsletter" by editing your profile and clicking on "Newsletter" tab. 

How long does it take to get my password and membership number?

It may take as long as three weeks to process your paperwork and provide you with access to the complete web site. Complete access is necessary in order to enter a book for review and or award. You will receive an email with the necessary information from the Membership Secretary. 

Once I have my Membership Number and Password how do I enter a book for review and award contest, or just for a review?

Once you have the needed information go to the web site, on the right hand sign click on "Book Reviews" which opens a drop down box,click on "Submit for Review." Fill out the "Request for Review" completely, making certain to indicate if for review only or review with award. Once the form is received you will be able to find your book in the same way but instead of "Request for Review" click on "Reviews Pending." Your book will be listed on the "Reviews Pending" list and you will be contacted by the Lead Reviewer when a reviewer is avaialble as to where to mail a copy of your book.

Note - Never mail a book to our P.O. Box.

Have another membership question?

Please use our contact page to let us know your question.