Welcome to Personal Blogs

Hi everyone, 

Each of you who are contributors have your own blog here on the MWSA  website. You can share information with your fellow MWSA members about you, your books, your events, your history, stories, poetry, etc.  The above picture is of me with award-winning authors Darlene Iskra and Marcia Sargent at the 2011 Conference here in Pittsburgh. It was great to meet them and to spend time with other members. 

I hope that you will take the time to participate in the blogs and forums provided as new services for you. It'll help us all know you better and help build our idea pool. However, don't limit yourself to conversation...show us your writing skills. Try essays, poetry, and flash fiction. I like humor too...see my blog entry called 'A Quarter's Worth of Fun.'



Joyce Faulkner
Author of Windshift, USERNAME, In the Shadow of Suribachi, For Shrieking Out Loud