A job well done

This is my first time on the MWSA website. This is very well laid outand easy to navigate. Many thanks for those who made this happen.

Proud to be a member,

Bill Peterson

Author: Missions Of Fire And Mercy~Until Death Do Us Part

Award: MWSA 2010 Silver Award (Memoir)

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One More Time, by Ed Evans

A recent conversation with one of my sons, now in his 40's, at first held great promise for my sense of fulfillment, but quickly morphed into a pre-packaged, pre-digested, opinion that his old man lacked wisdom, knowledge and an approved sense of the future.  For my part, I quickly saw that in my desire to provide my children the best of what I had lacked, they had earned nothing and had little appreciation for what they had.  They had joined the generation that wants to swallow but doesn't want to chew.