Pass In Review COUNTRY

West Point graduate and Vietnam Combat Veteran ties together three generations of family service to America with the battle/political/social chaos of Vietnam.  A terrific page turner!

Title: Pass In Review COUNTRY
Brian Utermahlen
Genre: Historical Fiction
Reviewer: Hodge Wood
ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 149734011X

Author(s) Mentioned: 
Utermahlen, Brian

Sailor Man: The Troubled Life and Times of J.P. Nunnally, U.S. Navy

Horrific combat…teenage courage…plummet into alcoholism. Join the author as he draws you inside the story.

Title:  Sailor Man: The Troubled Life and Times of J.P. Nunnally, U.S. Navy
Author:  Del Staecker
Category: Memoir
Reviewer: Joe Epley
ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 1555718167

Author(s) Mentioned: 
Staecker, Del

Ramstein Elementary Deployment Buddies

Grace Anne had the honor of volunteering today at Ramstein Elementary's Deployment Buddies end of the year picnic.  She was able to share her books, deployment tips and talk with kiddos who currently have a deployment parent.  There were around 60 attending the event including the elementary students, high school 'bigs', parents and volunteers.  What fun we had together encouraging and learning their stories today.  Ramstein Enlisted Spouses Association (RESA) sponsored us and gave each Deployment Buddy a signed copy of the book to take home!