Poetry Corner

Poetry Corner features poems from MWSA members.

Harpo and Lucy


Palm to palm, Harpo and Lucy –

Twin clowns in squashed hats and pre-ColumboLondonFogs –

Stare in muted amazement at the living mirrors they have become.

Synchronized suspicion glides through four sun-spotted eyes

Like a pearl drifting in honey,

Then evolves into the delicate delight of Narcissistic recognition.

They wind themselves into tight springs,

Watching each other with enamored intensity,

inside of me

you never knew how effortlessly you walked through the walls
I had placed around me
you reached the center of my heart so easily…touching my very soul
if tomorrow I drew no breath it will have been enough
to have felt your touch

life can be an excuse at times, to feel good about
what is not known, destiny the decider,