2016 Literary Classics book awards

I'm very pleased to announce that two of my novels, 'Tempest of Fire,' and 'Trinity Icon' picked up one Silver and two Gold awards in this year's Literary Classics book award contest. The books earned nods for Fiction Young Adult and Fiction Faith Based. 

Reviews can be found here:

The Forgotten Boys of Leatherneck Square

“The Forgotten Boys of Leatherneck Square”

There was a location in the Vietnam War; its name was Leatherneck Square,

and many a young boy died in that place, all with much despair.


To die so young, in this faraway place, is just such a shame,

their boyish faces, to many of us, will always remain the same.


Their sacrifice and memories we say, will continue to last and last,


Faith, Leadership, and Heroism in the Jungle

Colonel Don Price has written an excellent account of some little known heroic events of the Vietnam War. "The First Marine Captured in Vietnam-The Biography of Donald G. Cook," is first what the title states and much, much more. Price blends big picture history with the details of Cook’s life from his birth until he was captured in Vietnam.