My Life with a Wounded Warrior

If you are, or have been, the spouse of a person who served in combat, you want to read this book. It can make you smile or it can make you cry, but it will not leave you less than thoughtful.

My Life with a Wounded Warrior
by Pamela Foster
Book Category: Memoir
Reviewed by: Mike Mullins

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 1490400184

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Foster, Pamela

We'll All Die As Marines Radio Interview

I have finally published on YouTube the radio interview conducted Mr. Jay Douglas Barker of Toginet for iUniverse. It is way to long, but cutting it down to a reasonable length was way beyond the reach of this electronically-handicapped Marine Grunt. So, I added some photos throughout to perhaps relieve some of your boredom (I hope it works:-). Readers of the book will recognize the scenes in the photos even though many of them were not in the book due to space limitations.

A Daunting Task

Several weeks ago, I was asked to write a 350-750 word article for the CEO Magazine on leadership for entrepreneurs and CEOs. Having been a Marine for over thirty-five years, mentored by some of the Corps's legendary leaders, and having led some of America's finest young men and women, can you even begin to imagine containing myself to 750 words? Wow! Well, it took me several weeks, but I was able to get the article down to 829 words; I simply could not cut another word. I hope they accept it. Stay Tuned, and Semper Fi fellow writers. Jim,