On Writing

Columns on the craft of writing.

Beauty of the Collaborative Creative Process

I've been listening on YouTube to a variety of classical pieces from an assortment of orchestras and artists. Earlier today, I listened to a clip of Beethoven sonatas played by pianist Angela Hewitt. It mixes commentary with performance. The clip is relatively short, under 10 minutes. Near the end, she talks about the creative process with regards to performing for a recording that I found resonated in a cross-format approach that was cogently instructive.

Unexpected responsibilty

When I initially joined the MWSA I was thrilled with the support I received as well as all the well-wishes from established members/writers. I had given birth to a small book and it was well received. The encouragement enabled me to push the boundaries of my dream. Writing was not new to me; sharing was. A life filled with a variety of experiences provided fertile soil for the furrows I have plowed since. I never judged personal successes in my various endeavors, just the failures. I told those closest to me that I am not a writer until I have written two books.