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Kindle Online Lending Library (KOLL) - Use it or Abuse it?

The Last Jump - A Novel of Woprld War II

A debate has been raging in Cyberspace ever since Amazon announced the Kindle Online Lending Library (KOLL). What's the issue? According to some, Amazon is throwing its weight around, trying to crush the competition with this new offering. If an author allows their eBook to be "borrowed" by signing up for KOLL (for a minimum 90 day stint), the author must grant Amazon exclusive rights to distribute their eBook. In exchange, Amazon will pay the author a certain sum of money for each time someone (Amazon Prime Members only) "borrows" his or her eBook.

How to Market with a Full-time Job, Avoid Ethics Violations

An entrepreneur in a small niche market can provide solutions with little cost. Because you have the right skills, you can do so much with little cost and risk. Here's what you need when writing a book, whether publishing  yourself or through other non-traditional alternatives.

1. A great book idea that needs to be developed

2. An identified customer base

3.  Method to inform and provide your target market with valuable resources

4. Ability to balance career, family and other commitments.