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trapped within

trapped within

the mind can be a delightful place of rest,
solitude and reflection.

the vastness of its architecture, the shifting of
its oscillating thought patterns

a virtual pinball machine
bouncing between the triangle of my existence

depression, fear, an infestation of doubt

doubt – that blocks my souls ability to balance
itself into any form of rhythm, beauty…sanity

I taste the flavor of death, watch the parade of faces


Kathy Rodgers' THE FINAL SALUTE #1 Amazon's Top-rated War Fiction based on customer reviews

After years of rejections, numerous revisions and too many roadblocks to mention, I am happy to report that my novel, THE FINAL SALUTE, Together We Live On, has made it to #1 on Amazon's Top-rated War Fiction based on customer reviews.

I am grateful to every single reader who took the time to post a review or tell a friend about my book. Many thanks to MWSA for believing in my story enough to award it a Silver Medal in 2009.

Kathy (MWSA member since 2008)

Global eBook Awards: Hudson Wins Nomination

Chow by Victoria A. Hudson

MWSA member Lt. Col. Vicki Hudson's ebook, Chow, has been accepted into nomination for Dan Poynter's 2012 Global eBook Awards in both the Best Cover and Military non-fiction categories. The second annual Global eBook Awards, with entries accepted in 72 specific categories, honor and bring attention to the future of book publishing – ebooks. The awards ceremony will be August 18 in Santa Barbara, CA.

Buckaroo Bonus

  • Lucky Buckaroo Bonus Drawing – To add even more fun to the auction, the first two auction items will be “Eye Glass Repair Kits and Grocery Coupon Cards.” They will be numbered 1-37. After they are sold, I will hand five sealed envelopes to Joyce Gilmour who will open the fifth envelope first. The envelope will contain 1000 buckaroos and a number between 1-37. Whoever purchased the item with that number will receive the buckaroos. Joyce will then open the fourth envelope and so on.