Temporary Suspension of Book Reviews

Due to a reorganization of the MWSA book review program, effective immediately no new books will be processed for reviews until January 15, 2016. All books currently in the system will be reviewed, though the turnaround time is going to be a little longer than normal.

I apologize for the inconvenience this will cause, but it is necessary in order to establish and work out the revised book review program to make it run smoothly. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Should you have any questions, you may contact me at:

Dwight Jon Zimmerman
Military Writers Society of America

Dispatches May2012

Hi everyone,

This past month, it has amazed me to see the popularity of blogs and social media among our members. I would encourage those who are not involved with sites like Facebook to get an account. Some lively conversations, promotion information, and updates can be found there and on various authors' blogs through the MWSA website. I'd like to also welcome new members Christopher Kelly and Steve Maffeo to the group.

MWSA Matters to Branson Stars and Flags

Stars and Flags Book Awards logo

For the last few years, Branson Stars and Flags aka has been represented at the annual MWSA conferences. Most who know me, also know what I bring to the table as an MWSA member (photographer, panel member, reviewer, and judge), and I'm also the owner of  Branson, MO, played a very important part in the establishment of the company.

Buckaroo Bonus

  • Lucky Buckaroo Bonus Drawing – To add even more fun to the auction, the first two auction items will be “Eye Glass Repair Kits and Grocery Coupon Cards.” They will be numbered 1-37. After they are sold, I will hand five sealed envelopes to Joyce Gilmour who will open the fifth envelope first. The envelope will contain 1000 buckaroos and a number between 1-37. Whoever purchased the item with that number will receive the buckaroos. Joyce will then open the fourth envelope and so on.