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Kindle Online Lending Library (KOLL) - Use it or Abuse it?

The Last Jump - A Novel of Woprld War II

A debate has been raging in Cyberspace ever since Amazon announced the Kindle Online Lending Library (KOLL). What's the issue? According to some, Amazon is throwing its weight around, trying to crush the competition with this new offering. If an author allows their eBook to be "borrowed" by signing up for KOLL (for a minimum 90 day stint), the author must grant Amazon exclusive rights to distribute their eBook. In exchange, Amazon will pay the author a certain sum of money for each time someone (Amazon Prime Members only) "borrows" his or her eBook.

Submitting a Request for Review

The system for submitting a book for review and or award has changed. A form is now available on our web site, it must be filled out completely to be accepted. If you leave items blank it will delay acceptance of your request as that would require the email form being returned to you for completion.

The form can be accessed from our web site, right hand side "Submit Book for Review." All prior methods of requesting a review will no longer be accepted.

Moon's Mutterings: Thoughts

This year I was egotistic enough to enter two books in the Independent Publisher’s review process.  I submitted both nationally and regionally. At the time I stated that I had no expectations, but along the way I have dreamed about what it could mean. It is time for the results of the competitive process to be posted. Today I looked. I got nothing. I didn’t even get an honorable mention. Despite my cavalier attitude, I was and am disappointed.