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Clyde Hoch: Why Tracks Memoirs of a Vietnam Veteran?

Clyde Hoch was born into poverty in Pennsburg, PA, in the same family home in which he now lives with wife Debra. He really wanted to be a part of the military, to assist and protect his country with pride. So, only three days after graduating high school, Clyde went to a U.S. Marine Corps Boot Camp and eventually to Vietnam.

Charles "Chuck" Schantag, Man of Valor; November 22, 1947 - February 23, 3012

Patriot Charles “Chuck” Schantag, Jr., 64, Branson, MO, died from a massive heart attack on Thursday, February 23, during an outdoor shooting activity. A disabled Vietnam veteran/Marine/India Third Battalion, Fifth Company, and wounded during the Tet 68 Offensive, he was a recipient of the Military Medal of the Purple Heart

Wireless Messages: Once Bitten, Shy

Is this just me? I’ve been more than once bitten by the tones in my Internet emailed messages. I thought I’d learned from the past, but along came someone who misinterpreted what I wrote, probably due to tone. Once again, I've become shy, unsure ofmyself.

As for "bitten"– My ancestry includes England where a late 1400s printer translated an Aesop fable line from Greek to "He that hath ben ones begyled by somme other ought to kepe hym wel fro(m) the same." Through centuries of translations came the phrase, “once bitten, twice shy.”