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Dwight's book "Saga of the Sioux"subject of young reader's book report

When Dwight Zimmerman's latest book "Saga of the Sioux" came out, I had him sign a copy for my three young cousins in Dallas, TX. Luke is the oldest and an avid reader. Luke wrote a book report for school after reading Dwight's book. His mom, my first cousin, had the book displayed on the coffee table. Luke said he loved the book but thought what happened to the Native Americans was very sad.

Introduction: Bob MacPherson

MWSA member Bob MacPherson Anchor CTS LLC Navy Submarine

Introductions: Bob MacPherson 

First, let me say that as a new MWSA member, I’m looking forward to learning from others, to reading authors’ books and other creative works. Second, I’m eternally grateful to all submariners who’ve sailed beneath the ocean blue, including those who are “standing watch on eternal patrol.”