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5 Brothers in Arms

by Raymond C. Heimbuch
Publisher: XLibris (May 2008)
Price: $19.99
Special discount $15.00 plus $2.00 Shipping

This book starts with our becoming POW's, with a brief flash back telling how we got there, then goes on to tell about my POW life, and as each of my brothers who is not already mentioned joins the service, he gets a separate chapter telling his war experience, and goes on to tell what happens to each of them up until the present time. Essentially it tells what we did during the war and then what we did up until the present time.

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Heimbuch, Raymond C.


by Denise Boulet
Published by (date): PublishAmerica (December, 2009)
ISBN (links go to MWSA Amazon store): 1615825932 / 978-1615825936
Price: $16.95
Tags: Memoir

Synopsis: This is one Navy woman's journey through a miserable childhood to emerge victorious over such odds. I turned out well because I still have a strong faith and love for God and what little family I have left.

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Boulet, Denise