Poetry Corner

Poetry Corner features poems from MWSA members.

The Forgotten Boys of Leatherneck Square

“The Forgotten Boys of Leatherneck Square”

There was a location in the Vietnam War; its name was Leatherneck Square,

and many a young boy died in that place, all with much despair.


To die so young, in this faraway place, is just such a shame,

their boyish faces, to many of us, will always remain the same.


Their sacrifice and memories we say, will continue to last and last,


On Watch

On Watch

 I had the twenty hundred to midnight watch on deck,

It was Christmas Eve and it was cold as heck.

As I stood there gazing out over the ocean,

My heart was filled with deep emotion.

From the Stern

From the Stern

There is beauty just looking at the ocean,

It fills a sailor with deep emotion.

To stand on the stern and depart the pier,

I pray to God I can see you my dear.

But the murky color of the harbor water,

Grows clearer as the ship moves farther.

Out to sea is the destination course,

My heart feels pain and distance is the source.

Sailors know the drill of underway,

Morning Glory

Morning Glory

This morning you looked a little blue,

It seemed your color had lost its hue.

Your red looked like fresh blood just shed,

From a wounded soldier now dead.

Your white was stained from many tears,

But because of you we have no fears.

For you are the red, white, and blue,

We will give up our lives to protect you.

trapped within

trapped within

the mind can be a delightful place of rest,
solitude and reflection.

the vastness of its architecture, the shifting of
its oscillating thought patterns

a virtual pinball machine
bouncing between the triangle of my existence

depression, fear, an infestation of doubt

doubt – that blocks my souls ability to balance
itself into any form of rhythm, beauty…sanity

I taste the flavor of death, watch the parade of faces