2011 MWSA Awards


Special Recognition Awards:

Founder's Award 2011 - Out of the Mist: Memories of War by Michael “Moon” Mullins

President's Award 2011 - Gated Grief by Leila Levinson

Author of the Year 2011 - Jack Woodville London for French Letters: Engaged in War

Korean War Book Award - Truman and MacArthur by Don Farinacci - Gold

NOTE: The Center for Korean War Studies has underwritten a cash award to Don Farinacci for $250

Korean War Book Award - War Remains by Jeffrey Miller - Silver

Korean War Book Award - The Untold Experiences by C. Gilbert Lowery - Bronze

Korean War Book Award - Eddie & Bingo by Katherine and Kathleen Taylor - Honorable Mention

Korean War Book AwardChitose Road by Bob Ruehrdanze- 1st Runner UP

William E. Mayer Award for Literary or Artistic Excellence - Bonnie Bartel Latino for CHRISTMAS WHISTLES - Gold

William E. Mayer Award for Literary or Artistic Excellence - Jim Greenwald for False Honor - Silver

Gold Medal Awards

Historical Fiction – Event - Victory Road by Mark Bowlin

Historical Fiction Chronicle - Shall Never See So Much by Gerald Gillis

Historical Fiction Protagonist - For Love of Country by William C. Hammond

Fiction/Mystery - Laos File by Dale A. Dye

Fiction/Thriller - The Mullahs Storm by Thomas W. Young

Literary Fiction - War Remains by Jeffrey Miller

Non-fiction/History - Keeping the Promise Donna Elliott

Non-fiction/Memoir - DAI Uy Hoch by David R. Hoch

Non-fiction/Reference - Aerial Aces of the Universal Newsreel by Philip W. Stewart

Non-fiction/Biography - Women in the U.S. Armed Forces by Darlene M. Iskra

Non-fiction/How To/Business - Disability Compensation by Thomas VanHees

Non-fiction/Creative Non-fiction - Incoming Jack Manick

Non-fiction/Spiritual/Religious - A Prayer Journey Through Deployment by Donna Mull

Artistic/Graphical - Sgt. Rock: The Lost Battalion, HC by Billy Tucci

Book of Poetry - Kings of the Green Jelly Moon by King, Greenwald, Jellerson, Mullins

Children's Book Under 12 - Klinger by Betsy Beard

Military/Air Force - Two Gold Coins and a Prayer by James H. Keeffe lll

Military/Army - Alan's Letters by Nancy E. Rial

Military/Marines  - Obediently Yours, Orson Welles by Ulman Bray

Military/Navy - The Seventh Angel by Jeff Edwards

Military/Coast Guard - The Coast Guard by Tom Beard

Silver Medal Awards

Historical Fiction – Event - David & the Mighty Eight by Marjorie Hodgson Parker

Fiction/Mystery - Loose Ends Kill by Bob Doerr

Fiction/Thriller - Pirates & Cartels by Lee & Vista Boyland

Literary Fiction - The Book in the Wall by John F. Simpson

Non-fiction/History - Lost Eagles by Blaine L. Pardue

Non-fiction/Memoir - Lullabies for Lieutenants by Franklin Cox

Non-fiction/Biography - Grey Eminence by Edward Cox

Non-fiction/How To/Business - Breastfeeding in Combat Boots by Robyn Roche-Paul

Non-fiction/Creative Non-fiction - Inside the President's Helicopter G.T. Boyd & J. Boor

Non-fiction/Spiritual/Religious - I Want to be the Fat Pretty One by Lori Kathleen Cline

Artistic/Pictorial - SAF Interceptors by Mary Isham & D. McLaren

Book of Poetry - Blooming Red by C. Howard-Johnson & M. Ball

Children's Book Under 12 - Our Daddy is Invincible by Shannon Maxwell

Military/Air Force - Safe Landings by Fran McGraw

Military/Army - Still Standing by Jim Kosmo

Military/Navy - The Untold Experiences by C. Gilbert Lowery

Bronze Medal Awards

Historical Fiction – Event - Once a Knight By Walt Shiel

Fiction/Mystery - I Know Why the Dogwoods Blush by Bill Cain

Non-fiction/History - American Guerilla by Mike Guardia

Non-fiction/Memoir - Wing Wife by Marcia J. Sargent

Non-fiction/Biography - Beyond All Price by Carolyn Poling Schriber

Non-fiction/Spiritual/Religious - Bringing Courage to the Courageous by Don Williamson

Book of Poetry - Through the Years by James Jellerson

Children's Book Under 12 - The Sandpiper's Game by Charles Boyle

Military/Air Force - The Men Who Killed the Luftwaffe by Jay A. Stout

Military/Army - The Sentinel & the Shooter by Douglas W. Bonnot

Military/Navy - Listening to Ghosts by Robert (Bob) Stockton

Honorable Mention Awards

Historical Fiction – Event - Beyond Those Hills by M.H.A. Menondji

Non-fiction/History - T-41 Mescalero:The Military Cessna172 by Walt Shiel

Non-fiction/Memoir - We Came to Fight a War by Jack Flynn & Alvin E. Kotler

Non-fiction/Biography - True Blue: A Tale of the Enemy Within by Joe Sanchez & MoDhania

Non-fiction/Spiritual/Religious - God + Military Spouse by Lori Kathleen Cline

Children's Book Under 12 - Eddie & Bingo: A Friendship Tale by Katherine & Kathleen L. Taylor

Military/Air Force - Belle of the Brawl by Gary A. Best

1st Runner Up Awards

Historical Fiction – Event - The Corydon Snow by Richard Whitten Barnes

Non-fiction/HistoryEisenhower & Montgomery by William Weidner

Non-fiction/Memoir - Life Interrupted by War Thomas van Hees

Children's Book Under 12 - The Adventures of Briskey Bear by Steve Bolt

2nd Runner Up Awards

Historical Fiction – Event - Look Long Into the Abyss by A.R. Homer

Fiction/Thriller - Project Dragonslayers by Kathy Rowe

Non-fiction/History - Targeted Killing by Thomas B. Hunter

Non-fiction/Memoir - Earning My Wings by Shirley Dobbins Forgan