On Watch

On Watch

 I had the twenty hundred to midnight watch on deck,

It was Christmas Eve and it was cold as heck.

As I stood there gazing out over the ocean,

My heart was filled with deep emotion.

For my wife and sons were preparing for bed,

I know for a fact they had nothing to dread.

For this gigantic war machine was guarding the sea,

And the sailors aboard my ship were counting on me.

To stand my watch with professionalism and zeal,

So they could sleep the ship’s warmth to feel.

And they could dream of being home with loved ones,

While the ship moved about, cooks making fresh buns.

For Christmas morn would soon arrive,

The protected folks at home would still be alive.

I looked up at the stars from the edge of the sponson,

And counted my blessings, because I had some.

I lived in a country where I can raise my family,

And freedom of worship is not an anomaly.

A place where I can choose my God,

A place where my God’s son Jesus trod.

I’m proud to stand this watch on Christmas Eve,

And I’ll pray that next year I won’t have to leave.

God bless America and our men and women who defend,

So that we all have our freedoms that will never end!