Down in Laos

Navy pilot shot down,how the will to live takes over, great story. Just one of the many POW experiences.

Title: Down in Laos
Author: Francis J. Partel Jr.
Category: Historical Fiction
Reviewed by: Sandra Linhart
ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 0989305910

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Partel Jr., Francis J.

Black Sunday



     January 14th, 1945 would be called by the Luftwaffe “Black Sunday” because of the disastrous losses they suffered that day. For the 390th Bombardment Group of the Eighth Air Force, based at Framlingham/Parham in East Anglia, it was mission 243, to Derben, Germany. For them, it also marked the greatest single mission loss during all of WWII, when an entire squadron was wiped out.

Charentin, 1918

Westwood tells an emotional story in a way that captivates the reader. For lovers of historical fiction this book covers all the bases; historical significance, impact on family, and the horrors of war. 

Title: Charentin, 1918
David Andrew Westwood
Category: Historical Fiction
Reviewer: Michael D. Mullins 
ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): B00BI232KY

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Westwood, David Andrew

White Passage: Red Sun

Intrigue, suspense, and myriad challenges lead the reader into the dark world of the Peruvian drug cartel during the late 1980s. White Passage: Red Sun by Matt Rowe Book Category: Historical Fiction Reviewer's Name: Sandra Linhart ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 143892772X

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Rowe, Matt