A Soldier's Prayer

A Soldier's Prayer

By: Jon M. Nelson


Now I lay me down to sleep,

And hope my dreams are thoughtful and deep.

I pray that tonight I’m not awaken,

By bombs exploding and the ground shakin’.


I hope that I can get some peaceful rest,

And wish that the next day will be blessed.

All I want is to sleep through the night,

So that tomorrow I’m ready for another fight.


I pray my dreams are of my family,

As I make sacrifices to keep them free.

May you watch over and keep them safe,

We'll All Die As Marines Radio Interview

I have finally published on YouTube the radio interview conducted Mr. Jay Douglas Barker of Toginet for iUniverse. It is way to long, but cutting it down to a reasonable length was way beyond the reach of this electronically-handicapped Marine Grunt. So, I added some photos throughout to perhaps relieve some of your boredom (I hope it works:-). Readers of the book will recognize the scenes in the photos even though many of them were not in the book due to space limitations.

Dark Side of Glory, The

When Matthew Clark agrees to write the biography of General Coursen, he hasn't any idea the layers of deceit and deception he'll uncover in his pursuit to be thorough, nor does he realize his own life will be forever changed in the process.

Dark Side of Glory, The
by Richard McMahon
Book Category: Historical Fiction
Reviewed by: Sandra Miller Linhart

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): B00DUWZJZG

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McMahon, Richard