MWSA 2014 Autumn Recommended Reading List

MWSA Recommended Reading List

Autumn 2014 

The Military Writers Society of America (MWSA) is an organization of over one thousand writers, poets, and artists drawn together by a common bond of military service.  One purpose of our Society is to review the written works of our members.  From our recent book reviews, we’ve selected the following as our 2014 Autumn Recommended Reading List:

The ABC's of Titles for Tiny Tales  by  Mary Lee Mark's Special Mission in Arlington National Cemetery by Gregory Keeney Eyes Over the Delta  by Hank Collins 

Twisted Tongues Volume 2  by jim greenwald   No Surrender Soldier  by Christine Kohler Restless Hearts, What if Fallen Soldiers Could Go Home?  by Dennis Baker   We'll All Die As Marines - One Marine's Journey From Private to Colonel by Colonel Jim Bathurst  USMC Overture to Disaster  by Chester Campbell


My Life with a Wounded Warrior  by Pamela Foster   Condemned Property?   by Dusty Trimmer

It’s football season!  School is back in session, and the race to the holidays is gearing up. Yes, there seems to be no time to relax.  Take a hint from me:  go find a place to hide – a local coffee shop, the library, maybe the attic??? and read a book. That’s right. Take your mind off your favorite baseball team once again not making the playoffs.  Settle back with your Kindle, Nook, IPad, or just an old fashioned book. One of the above would be a great place to start.