Artistic Work

Creative works other than prose: photography, music, paintings, illustrated texts, and more.

My Dogfight with Jargon

Military pilots joke that we would fall apart without acronyms and jargon - well, I joke about that.

Aviation has a language of its own. Can you decipher this:

"Ghost 11, Jacksonville Center, descend at pilots discretion, you are cleared BIGGI at or below flight level two-four-zero."

Beauty of the Collaborative Creative Process

I've been listening on YouTube to a variety of classical pieces from an assortment of orchestras and artists. Earlier today, I listened to a clip of Beethoven sonatas played by pianist Angela Hewitt. It mixes commentary with performance. The clip is relatively short, under 10 minutes. Near the end, she talks about the creative process with regards to performing for a recording that I found resonated in a cross-format approach that was cogently instructive.

From Book to . . . an article about adaptations

Here's an article in the January 3, 2013 New York Times about the experiences of a variety of writers both in the writing of their original works, and then of adapting them for different media. It reveals that even for long-standing professionals, it's not always easy.