Temporary Suspension of Book Reviews

Due to a reorganization of the MWSA book review program, effective immediately no new books will be processed for reviews until January 15, 2016. All books currently in the system will be reviewed, though the turnaround time is going to be a little longer than normal.

I apologize for the inconvenience this will cause, but it is necessary in order to establish and work out the revised book review program to make it run smoothly. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Should you have any questions, you may contact me at:

Dwight Jon Zimmerman
Military Writers Society of America

Buckaroo Auction

Buckaroo Auction:

Added in 2009 this event, held during our annual conference (about 80 days from now), has become a staple and fun event made possible by donations from our members. Have you donated an item yet?

Time is rapidly spiraling down to the conference, and we need your donations now. Take the time to select or purchase an item to donate for this event, which will for the first time take place on Friday immediately after Open Microphone instead of on Sunday morning.

2012 Award Information (Process)

The 2012 Award cycle ends July 15, 2012; nominee notifications will be on the radio and in Dispatches on or about July 21, 2012. This is handled by the President, Joyce Faulkner. Be sure to pay attention to notices involving this important event.

The process for those that have not read the information available on the web site follows; the top finishers in each genre, a total of six maximum can qualify for consideration. The titles are sent to a committee of three for them to assign each title to a pair of judges.