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MWSA Matters to Branson Stars and Flags

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For the last few years, Branson Stars and Flags aka www.starsandflags.com has been represented at the annual MWSA conferences. Most who know me, also know what I bring to the table as an MWSA member (photographer, panel member, reviewer, and judge), and I'm also the owner of www.starsandflags.com  Branson, MO, played a very important part in the establishment of the company.

Mothers’ Day and Memorial Day: An Unexpected Connection

On the second Sunday of May we honor our mothers. On the last Monday we honor our fellow citizens who gave their lives in our military service. Few realize how much these two special days have in common.

Our mental impression of trans-Atlantic voyages on luxury liners is formed by black and white movies of the 1930’s, images of wealthy socialites, escapes from the oppression of the Depression, throngs at the gangways cheering passengers crowded on deck. But, as the month of May takes hold, take a moment to re-focus on other images and reflections.

New Book: Military Fly Moms Special Offer to MWSA members

Linda Maloney, retired Naval aviator, author and MWSA member, recently published the book, Military Fly Moms: Sharing Memories, Building Legacies, Inspiring Hope. It's a biographical collection of the inspiring true stories of 70 women who shared the same two dreams — becoming aviators in the military, and being moms. Here's what Maloney says about her book.