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USS Wasp's (LHD-1) Michael Noeth

Navy Draftsman Second Class Michael Noeth is my friend. Like other great people, he’ll somewhere cringe at my high thoughts and words of him. Most of us come across truth as it appears before us like a highway car accident. We’d like to know the realities but shield our squinting eyes so we can close them faster if the horrors are overwhelming.


Introduction: Jim Enderle

Introduction: Jim Enderle, Dispatches Editor

I was asked to introduce myself, so here goes. I’m an active duty (until this November’s retirement) Navy Chief Petty Officer/Hospital Corpsman stationed in Groton, CT. I oversee, as leading chief, Substance Abuse Rehabilitation/Traumatic Brain Injury/Behavior Health Clinics situated on the Navy’s New London Submarine Base. After retirement, I hope to continue serving my comrades in arms in one form or another.